Top Cop meets with WASA officials


    Police Commissioner Gary Griffith met today with WASA CEO Alan Poon King and other representatives to discuss a partnership between the two.

    Discussions focused on: a greater police presence when WASA workers are dispatched across the country, increased patrols at water treatment plants, support during patrols relative to water restrictions, and the status of the approval of new uniforms for WASA police.

    Commissioner Griffith said that he would look into the issue of uniforms and provide feedback.

    Also present at the meeting was ACP, Specialized Support, Joanne Archie who was concerned about traffic obstructions and pile ups caused by work along secondary roads and highways.

    She said such operations will be revisited with a view of having a more harmonious outcome for both parties and motorists.

    On the matter of increased patrols at plants and during water restriction patrols, ACP Archie said there would be a conversation with Divisional Commanders.