Top Cop: No gunfire in capturing kidnap victim Maria Dass last night


    Police Commissioner Gary Griffith has denied that there was any gunfire in capturing unharmed kidnap victim Maria Dass last night.

    The woman, who was snatched by three men inside the UWI St Augustine Campus yesterday afternoon, was safely rescued by police around 8:30pm in Caura Village.

    Mr Griffith says two suspects were held, one wearing a police jacket and the other wearing camouflage gear.

    The Top Cop confirms that an initial ransom demand was made.

    While he did not divulge much information about the operation, he says police set up a roadblock at the Caura Hospital and were able to capture the suspects without any gunfire.

    AUDIO: Griffith No Shots 29 11 18

    As soon as I set up that roadblock by the Caura Hospital, social media started going in a frenzy. And again that could’ve affected the operation. What I had done is still preventing the individuals from getting out. We set up that sting operation, that ambush, at a specific area, so as soon as they were able to come out, we were able to then move in. But again it was a judgement call. There could have been heavy gunfire. Not a shot was fired. I think better sense prevailed for these idiots. And that is what most criminals are. They are bullies, they go after innocent persons, and then after when they get real fire, they come up against quality professional persons in law enforcement, monkey know what tree to climb.

    Mr Griffith meanwhile believes this incident was not due to a breach of security at the Campus, and could have happened anywhere.

    AUDIO: Griffith No Breach 29 11 18

    The UWI students, they have a rightful concern, which is what I am liaising with the UWI and also the TTPS to try to put a greater (detail) in the area of security in and around the campus. But for this particular situation, based on how these individuals operated, we understood what it is they did. This could have happened on virtually most places. I’m not trying to put a fear factor into citizens but how these individuals operated, they had firearms, they went in there, they apprehended her and they drove out. Shot were actually fired, security officers could’ve been killed. So this was not a breach of security that caused this.

    The Commissioner says he is attempting to extract information from the two suspects as to where they acquired the police and army uniforms.

    He is however unsure at this time as to whether the uniforms are authentic.

    Mr Griffith was speaking on CNC3 this morning.

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