Top Cop – TTPS did not try to frustrate or delay voters

    (File photo)

    Police Commissioner Gary Griffith says accusations that the TTPS was trying to frustrate voters with road block exercises is “reckless and dangerous”.

    The allegations came from UNC General Secretary Dave Tancoo, who claims such an incident occurred this morning in St Augustine.

    He reportedly sent a letter via email to the CoP in which he stated, “it is clear to us that these sudden exercises are meant to delay voters in that area, and to interfere with the free and proper exercise of the franchise (to vote).”

    In a release, the Top Cop referred to the letter as “highly offensive” adding that he received the letter long after it had been made public.

    He adds that what transpired at Evans Street, Curepe was not a planned roadblock, but spontaneous action by officers who began to stop vehicles after reckless driving was noted in a certain area.

    He insisted that the exercise conducted by the Cycle Section today was done in good faith and was not intended to disrupt the election.

    Comissioner Griffith also defended the actions of the officers saying: “A General Election does not mean that the TTPS is no longer required to fulfill our other duties. So people must break a red light, or drive on the shoulder, or overtake indiscriminately because it is Election Day? That is very absurd indeed. The TTPS will continue to effectively discharge its duties, whether it is Election Day, Carnival, or Christmas. We have our normal duties to perform and this shows the reckless and disingenuous comments coming from the General Secretary of a political party.”