Top Cop – TTPS investigated reports against Michael Maynard


    Police Commissioner Gary Griffith is disputing allegations that police failed to act on reports filed against Michael Maynard, who allegedly committed suicide after beating his 8-year-old daughter to death.

    The Top Cop says three reports were made, all of which were investigated.

    On September 10th 2011 Maynard was arrested and charged with assaulting his partner Maysonia Thomas and their eight-month-old daughter.

    According to the Top Cop, that matter remained pending for years.

    Meanwhile on April 6th 2019, Maynard’s sister Celestine Oliver filed a report about threats and child neglect.

    At the time, Maynard’s two children were living with their grandmother in Kelly Village, Caroni, and during the investigation by the Child Protection Unit, the children denied that they were beaten and there were no marks of violence on their bodies.

    The third report in 2018 saw Maynard arrested and charged with rape, but he was released on bail, with that matter also pending.

    The Top Cop challenged claims that reports of Maynard’s abuse were made to the Morvant and Caroni Police Stations.

    He says checks with the CPU show that no reports were made at either Station, while checks with the CID also revealed that no such reports were made.

    He also called on persons who know about instances of child abuse, to report it: “the TPPS are not mind-readers. To the people who knew what was happening and failed to step forward, you were not helping the victim. It is too late. If you see something, say something.”