Trump will not deliver address tonight, Iran threatens further action if it is attacked

    (Photo Credit: REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst)

    January 7th 2020 – 9:40pm:

    US President Donald Trump will not deliver an address tonight following a missile attack on two Iraqi bases that house US troops.

    According to CNN, aides had been making preparations for a possible address to the nation after Iran fired the missiles.

    An official has since stated that Mr Trump will not appear before cameras tonight.

    Iran meanwhile has reportedly threatened further action, if there is any response targeting its soil.

    CNN reports that the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps said in its Telegram channel that, in the event Iranian soil is bombed, it will target the cities of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and Haifa, Israel, in the third wave of operations.

    There was also a vow to hit US targets.

    CNN says in its Telegram channel, Iranian Revolutionary Guard says the “Pentagon reports that the US will respond to Iran’s attacks.”

    IRGC then says in a footnote, “This time we will respond to you in America”