TSTT blames copper theft for service disruptions


    TSTT says the theft of copper has led to service disruptions in several areas across the country.

    According to the company, there has been an uncharacteristically high number of fiber cuts across the country.

    It adds that while investigations into the root cause of today’s disruptions are ongoing, it is likely the result of copper theft, with vandals often destroying fiber cables in the process.

    Unlike copper, the commercial value of fiber is insignificant.

    Mobile voice and data as well as landline, internet and TV services have been impacted in:

    • Rancho Quemado, Palo Seco and environs
    • Rio Claro, Poole, Fonrose, Cushe, Mayaro, Cumberbatch, Galeota and environs
    • Coromandel and Bonasse
    • Toco and environs

    TSTT says crews are working to restore services, with Rio Claro, Poole and environs expected to be restored by 7pm today.

    The estimated restoration time for Toco and environs is midnight tonight; Rancho Quemado, Palo Seco and environs are expected to be restored by 7pm on May 19th; and services to Coromandel and Bonasse are expected to be up by May 20th.

    TSTT also warned that under the Telecommunications Act, any person who maliciously damages, removes, or destroys facility works or installations of a public network is liable on summary conviction to a fine of up to $250,000 and imprisonment of up to five years.