T&T asks USA for help in protecting our martime space

    US Ambassador to T&T, Joseph Mondello

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is debunking the notion that the relationship between T&T and the United States is in jeopardy, stating that cordial discussions were held between officials of both countries on Wednesday May 20th.

    The Ministry says T&T has consistently remained engaged with the US, with each country respecting each other’s sovereignty and a clear understanding of each other’s foreign policy positions.

    It follows statements made by both National Security Minister Stuart Young a and the US Ambassador to T&T Joseph Mondello regarding their recent discussions, which included the topic of the Rio Treaty and the visit of the Venezuelan vice president to Trinidad.

    This has raised concern in some quarters, regarding the potential to damage our country these statements could do.

    However, in attempting to prove that T&T and USA continues to have a strong relationship, it says Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley as well as the Ministers of National Security and Foreign Affairs met with Ambassador Mondello and other officials for “wide-ranging discussions”.

    Included was a request made to the US by T&T to assist in the protection of our maritime space by sharing any and all pertinent information which may come to its attention with respect to any illicit activity which may occur within the territorial or deep ocean areas within T&T’s jurisdiction.