T&T ranks 179th on carbon emissions proxy rank


    A new report by the World Health Organization, UNICEF and The Lancet Commission has ranked the world’s countries on the likelihood of a child being able to flourish.

    Titled “A future for the world’s children?”, the report focused on health and well being factors such as nutrition, education and child mortality.

    T&T ranked 65th on that list with Norway, South Korea and the Netherlands at first second and third while Central African Republic is last at number 180.

    According to a BBC News report, experts say climate change and harmful advertising encouraging fast-food consumption and under-age drinking are putting children at risk.

    Countries were then also ranked on their excessive carbon emission emissions per capita relative to 2030 targets, using data from the Global Carbon Atlas.

    This, the report states, provides a convenient and available proxy for a country’s contribution to sustainability in future.

    Here is where T&T ranked second to last in the world, coming in 179th out of 189 countries behind only Qatar.

    Burundi, Chad and Somalia ranked first, second and third on this Sustainability Index.