TTMS warns of November’s flooding history


    The MET Service is warning of the historical risk of flooding in November.

    In its Rainfall and Temperature Outlook, it reminds that November has traditionally produced high impact flooding events.

    It adds that the risk of flooding remains elevated, with wetter than usual conditions most likely in the period November 2020 to January 2021.

    According to the TTMS, above-normal rainfall in October would have maintained already swollen streams, high river levels and soil moisture content.

    As such, riverine flood potential increases, while flash flooding concerns remain elevated during November and December, particularly for known flood-prone areas and new/recent flood risk areas.

    Regarding its Outlook, the TTMS says the first two weeks of November are likely to be much wetter than usual due to the wet-phase of  Madden Julian Oscillation becoming active over the region.

    There is also a 60% chance for at least one 7-day wet spell during November to January.

    For the three month period, areas in north-east Trinidad are likely to see the highest rainfall totals, such as Valencia, Sangre Grande, North Oropouche and environs.

    Additionally, the ongoing La Niña is expected to be moderate to strong, which usually increases the chance of above average rainfall for T&T, but it reminds that no two La Niña or El Niño events are the same.

    Despite this though, both day-maximum and night-minimum temperatures are likely to be warmer than average.

    (Image via T&T MET Service)