TTPS: No evidence of extortion of fete promoters


    Police say no evidence has been put forward to support allegations of extortion of fete promoters in the assignment of officers to parties.

    According to newspaper reports, these allegations were first put forward by President of the T&T Promoters’ Association Jerome “Rome” Precilla.

    It claimed that a large number of officers were being assigned to small and newer fetes at a huge cost to promoters.

    Following the allegations, the Association was invited to a meeting with the TTPS, including Acting Police Commissioner Erla Christopher.

    Police say they explained the legal definition of “extortion” to the Association and then provided an opportunity for evidence of such to be provided.

    However, the TTPS says there was no evidence to support the claims that there is extortion in the managing of police extra duty.

    The Association did make some recommendations regarding the calculation of police manpower needed for an event and the parties agreed to have a follow-up meeting.