TTPS: No Police involvement in Carapo killing


    The TTPS insists the killing of Roger Cabie in Carapo yesterday evening did not involve the Police.

    It says around 6:30pm officers responded to a report of loud explosions at Simon Road and soon found Cabie with gunshot wounds about the body.

    He was pronounced dead at the scene.

    The TTPS says subsequent investigations revealed that around 6:20pm, Cabie was seen speaking to officers in two police vehicles which left shortly after.

    It says further enquiries also revealed that the house in which the victim resided was acquired by means of force.

    The Northern Division Police and the Homicide Bureau have refuted reports that Cabie was killed by the Police, saying instead that he was a victim of gang warfare.

    Police Commissioner Gary Griffith meanwhile says while comments have been made about witnesses to the killing, no one has yet come forward.