TTPS – police did not target doubles vendors

    Photo credit: International Doubles Day Facebook Page

    Police Commissioner Gary Griffith insists officers did not target or discriminate against doubles vendors.

    There was much criticism after one vendor claimed its operations were shut down, despite it taking measures similar to those being adopted at other fast food outlets which were being allowed to sell.

    In a release today, the Top Cop says on April 4th, the TTPS began operations to stop ALL mobile and roadside vending.

    This directive came after a meeting with the National Security Minister, the Health Minster and the Chief Medical Officer.

    With regard to the doubles vendor that raised the issue, Mr Griffith says despite operating out of a building, the concern was where the sale transaction was taking place – according to him, customers were lined up on the road waiting to collect food.

    He adds that serving cooked food though the window of a building to customers lined up on the road, with no rest room and other facilities mandated for the sale of food, basically amounts to road side vending.

    The Commissioner insists, if there was a doubles restaurant or food distributor who met such requirements, then the Police would not have intervened, hence showing that doubles was not the factor.

    He reminds that such vending, prior to, during, or after this pandemic is illegal since there are laws that must be followed.

    However he adds that in keeping with local culture and history, the TTPS will remain flexible and allow such vending after the crisis has ended, if such vendors do not cause traffic congestion and do not affect pedestrian movement.