TTPS seizes 8 guns during several anti-crime exercises


    Arrests were made as police seized guns during several anti-crime exercises yesterday.

    Five firearms were found in the Central Division, while two were in the Southern Division and one in the South Western Division.

    The TTPS has issued the following details:

    • While on mobile patrol in the vicinity of Centre City Mall, Chaguanas, yesterday, officers observed a man who quickly turned away upon seeing the police. The officers intercepted the man, identified themselves, then conducted a search, where they found one black and silver Prosefa .38 special revolver tucked in the right side of his pants waist. The man, who does not hold a Firearm Users License, was arrested.
    • An arrest is imminent, in the incident where officers of the Central Division Task Force-Area North saw a man known to them, run away upon seeing the officers. While on John Street, Enterprise officers observed the man who ran away when the police vehicle came abreast of him. The officers pursued the man. One black and silver .45 calibre Charles Daly firearm containing eight rounds of .45 calibre ammunition fell from the suspect who was able to escape.
    • Around 6pm yesterday, officers received information then proceeded to a well-known drug block at Greig Street, Balmain Couva, where two men who were standing under a shed ran away as the police vehicle approached. The officers searched the shed and seized one Glock 19 pistol with an adapter for a silencer with an extended magazine containing 12 rounds of nine-millimetre ammunition, one rectangular packet containing 1001 grams of marijuana, one clear plastic bag containing 94 greyish rock like solids resembling cocaine, 17 foiled packets containing cocaine and six clear packets containing marijuana.
    • During anti-crime exercises in Enterprise, Chaguanas one black and silver .45 calibre Charles Daly firearm together with 6 rounds of .45 calibre ammunition were seized.
    • One .38 revolver was found and seized in a bushy area off the Marchin Road, Cunupia.
    • In the Southern Division, a 51-year-old man was arrested for being in possession of a firearm and ammunition after police executed a search warrant at his Ramai Trace, Debe home.
    • Based on information received, officers went to an empty lot along Bayshore, Marabella where one .38 spl revolver containing one round of .38 spl ammunition were found.
    • In the South Western Division officers went on enquiries and proceeded to Snail Trace Scott Road, Penal, where an extensive search was conducted in a bushy area along the street. A white crocus bag containing one Remington 870 magnum pump action shotgun and six rounds of 16-gauge cartridges were found under some dried coconut branches.

    The TTPS says 29 firearms and 312 rounds of ammunition have been seized so far for 2022.