TTPS urges public to ignore fake news in the aftermath of the earthquake


    The Police Service is urging members of the public to ignore fake news and refer to official sources of information, such as the ODPM.

    The statement comes following the aftermath of the 6.9 magnitude quake experienced yesterday.

    It assures that there has been a high visibility of officers across the country, which has served to negate any concern the public may have had about criminal activities occurring, especially in areas where there was a loss of electricity.

    Speaking at the TTPS media briefing this morning, Public Information Officer Michael Jackman says Police Commissioner Gary Griffith has been on the ball regarding police response.

    Audio:Jackman Griffith 22 08 18

    The TTPS is also urging the public to contact the police for assistance, so that the service can engage officers on patrol should the need arise.