Two arrested as police find drugs at POS funeral home and Pleasantville bar

    Marijuana found at the funeral home in the Port of Spain district

    A 62 year old funeral home worker is due in court, charged with drug trafficking.

    Officers of the Inter Agency Task Force (IATF) arrested the man yesterday after searching the business in the Port of Spain district.

    They found a black plastic bag with 405 grams of marijuana in his locker and 600 grams in the mortuary area.

    In a separate incident in the same district, officers searched one of the apartment buildings at the Harpe Place Plannings and discovered 371 grammes of marijuana along with a Smith and Wesson revolver loaded with five rounds of ammunition.

    Marijuana found at the Plannings

    Meanwhile, in Pleasantville, a bar owner was arrested after police found over $130,000 worth of the drug at his business.

    The 44 year old was charged with possession of marijuana for the purpose of trafficking.

    Marijuana found at a Pleasantville bar