Two prison escapees issue video message, ready to turn themselves in


    The two escaped prisoners who remain at large have issued a video message in which they say they are not armed and dangerous and are ready to hand themselves in to the authorities.

    It shows Olatungi Denbow and Michael Findley standing close to each other with Denbow saying they have a little something prepared for Trinidad and Tobago.

    He appears to be reading and gives details about their arrests and the charges slapped against them relating to a February 2016 murder.

    Denbow alleges that the authorities are taking the word of a false state witness said to be involved in a number of other matters.

    He insists that they have evidence to support their claims.

    Denbow adds that they are ready to turn themselves in and all they want is fairness and justice.

    Findley meanwhile makes a plea for the authorities to listen to several other recordings they have made.