Typhoon Lekima hits China killing 13, force over 1 million to evacuate


    Typhoon Lekima hit China killing about 13 and forcing the evacuation of more than one million people from their homes.

    Reports indicate that the powerful typhoon made landfall in the early hours of this morning in Wenling, between Taiwan and China’s financial capital Shanghai.

    The storm was initially declared a “super typhoon”, but weakened slightly before landfall – when it still had winds of 187km/h.

    It reportedly triggered a fatal landslide when a dam broke in Wenzhou and sixteen people missing.

    According to the BBC, Lekima is now slowly making its way north through the Zhejiang province, and is expected to hit Shanghai, which has a population of more than 20 million.

    Fallen trees and power cuts are nationwide while emergency crews are battling to save stranded motorists from floods.