US Embassy looking for ‘Youth Amabassadors’

    Youth Ambassadors from T&T in 2018

    The US Embassy is looking for seven local secondary school students and an adult mentor to participate in a three week exchange programme in the United States in August.

    The Youth Ambassadors program involves skills-based training, interaction with youth from other countries, and engagement with organizations.

    The theme of this year’s program is social transformation.

    The US Embassy says preference will be given to applicants who demonstrate little or no previous travel to the United States or overseas.

    Applicants must be between 15 – 18 years old, and the adult mentor must be a teacher, guidance officer or community leader who works with youth and demonstrates an interest in assisting youth to become productive and responsible members of society.

    On returning to Trinidad and Tobago, the students will embark on a community project under the guidance of the mentor.

    Applicants must be citizens of Trinidad and Tobago, attend a secondary school with an outstanding school record, and display leadership skills with a keen interest in community work.

    They should be team players and from families with limited economic means.

    Eligibility information and applications can be found at