UWI Seismologist: Caribbean due for a ‘powerful’ earthquake


    UWI Seismologist Dr Joan Latchman is standing by her comments that the Caribbean is due for a ‘powerful earthquake’.

    Dr Latchman has been vocal in the past, warning that the region is due for an earthquake in excess of a magnitude 8.

    She says approximately 280 earthquakes above magnitude 2 are experienced annually, however only 4 to 5 of these may actually be felt by people.

    With regard to forecasting, Dr Latchman says the larger quakes above magnitude 7 have been keeping their pattern every 30 years, however the stronger ones have not.

    AUDIO: Latchman The Big One 09 11 18

    Dr Latchman is now urging all citizens to be earthquake ready.

    AUDIO: Latchman Ready 09 11 18

    Dr Latchman was speaking on 103.1FM’s Sargam programme this morning.