Vandalism blamed for water disruption in Arima


    Vandalism is being blamed for the current water disruption in parts of Arima.

    WASA says the Raw Water Station at the Aripo Water Treatment Plant was broken into yesterday, with the perpetrators damaging or removing a significant portion of electrical panels, cables and wiring.

    T&TEC also reportedly suffered loss of equipment on their poles in the immediate area.

    WASA says it is working with them to have the issues corrected and the facility returned to service by 6am on Thursday, February 13th.

    The areas currently affected include Santa Rosa Heights, Train Line Road off Pinto Road, Tumpuna Road between Henrise & Malabar Road Extension, and Malabar Road Extension between Pro Queen Street and Ackbarali Trace.

    WASA says supplies will be redirected from other sources in North East Trinidad to provide a limited pipe borne service to affected areas.

    A limited truck-borne service will also be available, with priority given to special homes, health care institutions and schools.