Vendor removed from Tunapuna Market for ignoring by-laws


    A pigtail vendor at the Tunapuna market was removed from the facility last Friday after continuing to break the by-laws by selling in the vegetable and dry goods sections.

    According to the Tunapuna/Piarco Regional Corporation, the vendor was given several chances to relocate to the appropriate sections, but ignored the requests.

    The corporation’s Chairman and Council says several vendors at the market continue to break the market’s by-laws, despite continuous warnings.

    It says action will be taken if there is evidence that a stakeholder is not acting in the best interests of others involved.

    In the case of the pigtail vendor, the Corporation says it could not allow him to continue selling pork among produce an in a manner that is offensive to persons who do not consume pork.

    It adds that further infringements will be met with more severe action.