Venezuela’s Opposition and Govt to resume talks in Barbados

    Photo Credit: Venezuela Al Dia)

    Another attempt will be made to resolve Venezuela’s political crisis as the Opposition says it intends to return to Barbados to continue talks with President Nicolas Maduro.

    According to a Reuters report, both sides met in the Caribbean island last week for discussions mediated by Norway, but left on Thursday, without announcing a deal.

    Mr Juan Guaido’s communications team said on Twitter, the delegation was returning “to achieve change that can end Venezuelans’ suffering.”

    The talks will come just days after two of the Opposition Leader’s security detail were held for allegedly trying to sell rifles taken from the National Guard as part of a failed April 30th uprising against Mr Maduro.

    Mr Guaido said the arrests were part of intimidation tactics based on fake evidence.

    Venezuela is suffering a hyper-inflationary economic meltdown that has resulted in malnutrition and disease and spurred a migration exodus of 4 million citizens.