Video of children ‘liming’ being investigated


    Parents are being urged to take responsibility for teaching children what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour.

    This reminder from the Children’s Authority comes after a video emerged showing a group of local children liming, drinking and using obscene language.

    The incident is being investigated and the Authority says it is mandated to contact the parent, guardian or the person with responsibility for a child, once it receives information from the Police that the child was believed to be drinking alcohol.

    It says children must be left in the care of trusted and responsible adults, and parents are urged to set boundaries regarding the places their children are allowed to go.

    A child’s social media and cell phone activity must also be monitored, and parents must know their children’s friends and observe any new influences which may affect their behaviour.

    The Authority also advises that older children should not be given the responsibility of supervising younger ones.