Virologist comments on Seychelles COVID surge despite high vaccination levels


    Virologist Professor Christine Carrington says while the Seychelles experienced a spike in COVID-19 cases despite a successful vaccination drive, the number of deaths in fully vaccinated persons was at zero.

    There are concerns regarding the upsurge in cases there, which came despite more than 60% of the country’s population being fully vaccinated.

    The Seychelles has used a combination of Sinopharm and Astra Zeneca vaccines, with the Russian Sputnik V being rolled out more recently.

    Commenting on the situation today was Professor Carrington, who says the vaccines have helped in reducing the number of seriously ill persons in that country.

    According to an article by the Wall Street Journal, Bahrain has also been battling a spike in COVID-19 cases despite high vaccination levels using Sinopharm.

    However, Bahrain’s Undersecretary of Health says more than 90% of people hospitalized in the current wave hadn’t been vaccinated.

    See the Wall Street Journal article: Bahrain, Facing a Covid Surge, Starts Giving Pfizer Boosters to Recipients of Chinese Vaccine.