Wet Season Watch: Sangre Grande

    A drone photo showing the impact of floods on Sangre Grande in 2018

    The chairman of the Sangre Grande Regional Corporation believes they are a similar state of preparedness for floods as in 2018.

    Those floods in October 2018 marooned residents and was at that time described as the worst the area experienced in 50 years.

    With the 2020 Rainy Season officially underway, as of Saturday, as the Atlantic Hurricane season starting today, 103.1FM News reached out to Sangre Grande Regional Corporation Chairman, Anil Juteram.

    He believes they are in the same position of preparedness as the floods of two years ago that left residents marooned. Mr Juteram says, “We are in not a better off situation than 2018 and the Ministry of Works, the Ministry of Finance did nothing to help us to safeguard our sovereignty and our burgesses that we look after. And very very unfortunate, within all of this – I’m not politicking here – but we are seeing where allocations have been taken out for port and highways to Toco and highways to Wallerfield. These simple things that affect the poor people, the everyday common man and woman and children have not been dealt with by the Government.”

    Mr Juteram laments that adequate funding has been tough to come by, claiming, “We depend a lot on the Ministry Local Development [sic], also the Ministry of Finance in terms of giving us the necessary allocations and releases in order to deal with the necessary preventative measures in terms of de-silting, widening and cleaning of water courses and so on. Also doing embankment on the rivers.” In fact, he claims the corporation, which he estimates is responsible for an area five times larger than Tobago, only has one backhoe. Nevertheless, Mr Juteram says they are putting contingency plans in place and will look for any assistance coming from other organizations and corporations.