Young: Nationals abroad offering bribes to get approvals


    Some nationals who are abroad and seeking exemptions to get home are offering bribes to staff members at the Ministry of National Security to be granted approvals.

    National Security Minister Stuart Young stated at today’s Health Briefing that he was told of this by members of staff at the Ministry of National Security who are handling the exemption application process. He called on such persons to desist from doing so.

    “We simply don’t work that way at the Ministry of National Security in particular for this exemption process, so if there’s any mischief there, please desist”.

    He says he has told the staff members to take the information from persons who are offering bribes, so this can be passed on to the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service.

    Mr. Young also thanked the staff for their work in dealing with the thousands of applications and taking phone calls from persons who are “understandably anxious to get home”.