Fifth Abu Dhabi T10 League to be held from Nov 19th-Dec 4th 2021


    The fifth edition of the Abu Dhabi T10 tournament will be played from November 19th to December 4th 2021.

    The 10-overs-a-side tournament, a mainstay for several West Indian cricketers, completed its 2020 edition in February 2021 after it was rescheduled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    The upcoming competition will feature an increased number of matches held over 15 days, as opposed to 10 days in previous seasons.

    According to the league, it won worldwide acclaim for a successful season in January and February 2021 despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Since being launched in 2017, the T10 tournament has been won twice by Northern Warriors and once each by Kerala Kings and Maratha Arabians.