Golden State prevent Toronto from NBA glory in Game 5


    The Golden State Warriors pulled off a bittersweet victory in Game 5 of the NBA finals on Monday night, but the Toronto Raptors still lead 3-2, as they head to Oakland for Game 6.

    The injured superstar Kevin Durant came out for GSW in the first quarter but limped off in what was eventually deemed an achilles injury, coupled with his already damaged calf.

    He put up 11 points before leaving and Golden State were in control of most of the match, despite some late takeovers by Toronto in the fourth quarter.

    After GSW took double-point leads in most of the game, the final quarter was tense as it ended with Toronto just one point behind (105-106).

    Steph Curry (31 pts) and Klay Thompson (26 pts) led GSW while future Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard (26 pts) led Toronto.

    Toronto fans were emotional after the loss, as a win on home court would’ve solidified history given that the Raptors have never won an NBA Championship, or reach the Finals.