Here is Sir Hillary Beckles’ 10-point plan for Windies cricket’s reemergence


    A 10-point plan to help West Indies cricket reemerge has been suggested.

    It is being put forward by UWI Vice Chancellor Professor Sir Hillary Beckles who believes it has been two decades since the decline of West Indies Test cricket.

    He notes that other nations have had similar declines over the decades but reemerged due to strategic responses by management and administrators.

    The ten points he suggested to Cricket West Indies are:
    1. Develop and not divide the young talent
    2. Embrace and not alienate investors in west indies cricket
    3. Deepen accountability and not to deepen the lack of transparency in the stakeholder network
    4. Commit to reform and not resist new visions of governance
    5. Embrace education, research, science and technology and not reject the knowledge that is required to produce the ideal 21st century West Indian cricketer
    6. Promote the mind game and undermine the mind game for the money game
    7. Promote and not marginalize nor degrade the genius of our indigenous legends
    8. Bond with stakeholders – the private sector investors, governments, educational institutions – to create harmonious in which stakeholders are reading from the same page
    9. Get a new vision for the role of the media
    10. Win back the respect of the global community with a language and with policies and postures that are rooted in the civility of the Caribbean civilization.

    Cricket West Indies is now lead by newly appointed President Ricky Skerritt and VP Dr Kishore Shallow.

    They defeated longtime heads of the body Dave Cameron and Emmanuel Nanthan last Sunday.